Phil, Thanks so much for your help with my new position.  I’m very happy and think I made the right move.  Thanks for giving me some gentle “pushes” when I needed them.  Amy

I wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the people here at (Company), they have all been pleasant to work with and receptive to any new ideas to help move their business further.  Thanks for giving me the chance to interview with a great company.   Ryan
Carl, I was just sitting here at my amazing new job and thinking how grateful I am to be in a much better environment and wanted to once again say thank you to you!

Phil, I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for pushing me along and giving me hope for a brighter future!  I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me after hours.  As I was reading about the company last night, I am really feeling inspired to do this!  Again, thank you!

I worked with your Indianapolis office in the past and had excellent cooperation and a great experience.  Your organization if very thorough, professional, easy to deal with, and quick to respond.  I will definitely keep you in mind with any new openings that we may have here at (company).  Thanks again. Cordially, Bill

A million thanks for preparing me so thoroughly throughout the whole interview process.  I’m really excited about the opportunity and couldn’t have made it happen without you!  

Carl, I really appreciate the way you work.  I have had other recruiting services that call about every job out there and take up a lot of my time even though it isn’t a good opportunity for me.  Since meeting you and working with you, I feel that you are exactly the type of recruiter I need.  I believe that some of my associates would like to work with you when the timing is right.  You have asked the right questions and kept me informed of opportunities that are a valued interest to me.  If this one doesn’t work out with (company), I know over time we will get more solid opportunities in the future.  Thanks again for the update today.  Chris

Dear Phil, It has been a very positive experience working with your firm.  I have been working with Carl over the past few months and I must say that he has done an absolutely great job in assisting me in my job search.  Carl has been a very easy person to work with and has provided me with numerous interviewing techniques that proved to be very valuable.  I have to say that Carl was the most positive experience that I have ever had with a job search agency.  Just wanted to let you know my thoughts.  Again, I want to thank your organization for all their help in locating me my new job.  Sincerely, Thomas 

Carl, Thank you for your partnership and reliability over the past year. I appreciate your willingness to engage and overcome challenges and to continue to be available and helpful. I look forward to continued success.