At KellerNiemann, we are aggressive in our recruiting methods to uncover a choice of candidates for our client’s selection to match their specific job requirements.  


Our techniques mean that more candidates will accept the position, be local, turn down counteroffers, and stay longer.  We are serious about less turnover for our clients and are experts on counteroffers.

Our Process

  • Understanding the position, not just from the job description, but from the hiring manager as well
  • Searching for the best candidate, interviewing him or her several times to know exactly whether he or she is a good match
  • Presenting the most qualified candidates to the employer
  • Helping our clients through the process including, scheduling interviews, debriefing, and guiding both parties through the placement process ensuring the best fit for the client and candidate

 Our recruiters have the experience to help our clients hire the most qualified candidates at any level.  Some of these include: CFO, CAO, Director of Finance, Director of Accounting, Finance Manager, Accounting Manager, Sr Accountant, Sr Financial Analyst, Staff Accountant, Financial Analyst, Cost Accounting, Audit, Tax, and FP&A positions